Property Services Inc. (PSI) was established in 1976 as a small to mid size property management company. Carlos Santos, General Manager is at the helm of PSI today. With more than 18 years of property management experience, his leadership has resulted in the company’s continuous and stable growth.

Over the past 25 years PSI acquired experience and knowledge affording the development of our current product and service offerings. We listen to what our customer’s requirements are and organize our lines of business based on their needs. As a result PSI has cultivated and maintained a loyal customer base.

PSI originally managed multi-unit residential rental properties throughout Ontario but soon realized that the closer the managed properties were to each other, the more efficient and less expensive operating them became. Close proximity contributed to economies of scale and lower per-unit costs. As well, under PSI’s new system of vertical integration, staff members were recruited to work as multi-functional personnel.

Great savings were realized in time, dollars and administrative functions. There was no more waiting for contractors to show up and no more bills to approve and pay after the fact.

Local Expertise
The company grew by word of mouth, and as close-proximity downtown properties became available, PSI resigned its contracts in more remote locations. The company now focuses on the Greater Toronto Area.

Clients benefited through overall lower costs and superior services.

Today, Property Services Inc. is a highly professional property services company offering a full range of integrated benefits for office, commercial and residential clients.

PSI has in-depth experience in all aspects of property management for these categories of properties:
• Multi-tenant office buildings
• Multi-owner office condominiums
• Commercial/industrial condominiums
• Multi-unit residential rental properties
Non-profit residential properties
• Residential condominium properties
• Individual residential properties

Distinct from other property management companies, PSI enables customers to select specific services as needed from a comprehensive suite of offerings. PSI can tailor a management package to include as much, or as little, service as required. The company’s five core areas of business are:
• Asset management
• Property management
• Building operations
• Construction
• Tenant services

Commitment to Service
PSI’s successful track record is built on integrity, professionalism and commitment to superior customer service at very competitive prices.

The corporate philosophy is very straight-forward: PSI has developed a team of experienced professionals who understand the client’s requirements and objectives – and deliver the contracted services and much more.
This philosophy, along with PSI’s trusted reputation and twenty-five-year history of solid business relationships, has placed the company at the forefront of real estate management companies in the GTA.